The nonprofit organization, PawsAbilities, was the subject of my Capstone class at the University of Kansas. This organization is three brands (Inclusion Connections, Belong KC and PawsAbilities) which work together to provide meaningful employment to individuals with developmental disabilities. My re-design of the logos was a part of the larger brand re-structure proposal of our Capstone. 
Improving the accessibility and visibility of the logos through color and contrast was a primary design goal. Subtle graphical hints to the programs were also added - the steps of the Paws Abilities program, community connections shown as linked characters, and the profile of a house. The re-worked Inclusion Connections logo links the two words, referencing the connection they provide their clients to the community. The houses were added to BelongKC, their supported living initiative. The additional footsteps were added to PawsAbilities as a nod to the steps one takes through the program.
Logo Redesign

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