Self-Promotional Brochure Design

Recently I completed a self-promotion brochure for Dr. White.  Dr. White is running for office within the Academy of General Dentistry.  I created a traditional 3-panel brochure for her to hand out at the event.


I also created a pdf file for her to email to voters before the annual conference.  The pdf actually contains an additional page.  This extra page allowed us to include all of Dr. White’s recommendations from colleagues (she had a lot!).






The Explorer magazine is published twice yearly by the UMKC School of Dentistry.  I created this “infographic” for the cover.  Infographics (or information graphics) are visual representations of information. It’s a fun way to present information quickly and clearly. 

Happy New Year!

Images 2016
Images 2016
Images 2016 Poster Calendar

Images is an annual photo contest held at the School of Dentistry.  Students, staff and faculty submit their favorite photos and the winners are chosen to be on a poster calendar.  This is the calendar I created for 2016.  Happy New Year!

Auction Invitation

Support Bethany

Yesterday I finished up the invitation for Bethany Lutheran School’s annual auction.  This year’s theme is: Step Up to the Tee for Bethany!  It will be a great time, contact me for more information!

Bethany Auction Invitation
Invitation created for annual auction at Bethany Lutheran School

Summer Invite/Evite for KCSA

BBQ Evite

Kansas City Surgical Arts holds an annual summer BBQ!  This year we did a hamburger-style invite and evite.  A traditional postcard was printed and mailed, a week or so before an evite reminder was emailed.  Take a look at our fun design!

BBQ Invite
BBQ invite created for Kansas City Surgical Arts